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we're following breaking news into the news room tonight. eight people in t(the hospital after a carbon scare. roach infestations are a problem that you will be sitting and we're with you at your local favorite fall food courts. and a cold day but how much heat is headed our way for the weekend. okay. we want to start now with the breaking news and it sits off ár @&c% >> this is where police say that eight people were exposed to high levels of carbon. all eight people were taken to the medical center. we don't know how long they were exposed to the gas. >> we have a breaking news update çófor you on burst.
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>> that's right. we're going to take you live to the scene. >> for more than hours so chances are that it's taking a long time to fill up. doing that is quit easy. all you have to do is log on and look at live cameras and get the latest detours around the water main break. okay. we have had some tough weather but today. >> yeah, it was beautiful. we're here with the peak at what to look at çóover the nigh >> yes, it was a breezy day. the sun came out. we had the temperature to have mid-50s and no 40s today.
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now, we're going bring up the warm for the weekend. a cold night will be on the way. 39 in manchester and 42, so yeah it's çóa silly night. already with the 30s here and under a crystal clear sky. we have the conditions and temperatures tend to drop off and the nor easter is off and still some snow in the northern states here. here it's getting colder and then it's a warmer day around lunchtime with 50 ñrdegrees and sun. we will talk about how warm things will be on the veterans day. okay. we have obtained a letter and there's been a vote of the police chief. it went on by the school police union and claims that the vote
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was taken month and three out of every officer voted no confidence in ability to run ñi the department. now, they plan to discuss it next wednesday. well, opponents to build a youth jail got high he marks tonight. chris, this was a topic that came up during the election. >> reporter: yes, and it's something that's going to be talked about. it's going to go 'cbuilt right here. activist say that the city needs more money and for jobs and not for the new jail. jessy jackson joined the cause tonight. >> the call rial kate money that the state plans to build a youth jail into programs that might keep young people out of jail. ráh!eing used to be spent in a way better way
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and brining more opportunities for the youth. >> now, jess can i jackson has joined the cause. >> the governor g leaders say that the facility is too small and poorly designed and the new 80 million- dollar facility would be built here in a parking lot but jackson says that a new jail is not the answer. >> we will find jobs when the real work and not unnecessarily. detention center is anything but a -- >> we should not get ever give people a comport zone in
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detention. >> now, some violent offenders are housed with adults. last month the city counsel passed a resolution against the construction of the xdanaphia tilltith. live with abc 2 news. tonight it's official. mayor break was sworn in tonight. a new development to tell you about. pfc is offering to pled guilty. he xdis not offering to play guilty but to the lesser serious charges. tonight police say that the two men charged with raping and
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robbing a woman are behind bars. 25 year old william and 22 year old e1are being held without ba and facing multiple charges like rape and kidnapping and arm robbery. they were grabbing woman from public area and identified 11 victims but believe that there's more. abc is work being you tonight. we have some tips to keep you safe. they need to be reported because people don't do them. try not çóto walk alone. walk groups. never expect a ride from someone that you don't know. carrie mace and keep it handy. have your cell phone ready so you can call if you need it: just after 7:30 this morning a dad was dropping off the young child at a children are ç+ blessing and left the car
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running from the 7 year old inside. when he came out the car was gone. a few blocks a way the son was found safe and sound. we do know what caused a fire last month. it was caused by materials that were ñijust too close to a if y are face. they found no evidence of smoke detectors in the home. maryland voters expanded the gathering tuesday. instead it's going to be hoare horse baltimore. now, it's supposed to offer t(a up sail gambling experience. even with the rebranding the carcinoma no is expected to on
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in.xd roaches and mice and bugs we found all of them inside the biggest malls. >> caution tape is never a good sign but the only crime committed at this small just 50 minutes north is an attempted assault on the cage reflexes. >> i was shocked. >> what happened here fácould happen at any mall food court. they were welcoming and critters took over the court and causing one so big it shut down every restaurant for two days. >> it was not thousands and hundreds but it was enough to
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put us in a position that you were concerned enough 'cto cal it a health hazard. >> it crawled across the state lines and nbc news investigators found them looking at two years of inspection reports for five of the local malls. white marsh and the mall at checked out. we checked on violations for insects and found plenty that make it hard to swallow. 12 that we examed had pest violation like things and large amounts of mice droppings on the floor of the front line. >> on the 20 years in the howard county we have ñihad som problems with malls. >> dr. peter says that it's to
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be expected and food is attracted and so it's not hard for problems to go from restaurant to restaurant. >> they spread and roaches don't know one stall from the other and they're hardy things and so they survive very easily and they can easily go from a5 place to place. >> although they are a sign of hygiene issues, they are not a critical violations. >> it does not cause major public health problems other than disgust. >> it's just gros . >> sometimes it's more and sometimes they close it down. only one restaurant lphad that happened often a customer complained about a roach problem at the town center last fall. records show that they found large quantities of mouse droppings on the floor. the restaurant was closed for
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three days. they had just two restaurants sited for violations. the biggest offender that we fond was the fámall in column b i column bee i can't with 8. some say what they find is an imagine that takes a while to digest. >> i am going to be uncome fortable with it for a while. it maybe down the road. i don't know. i will have it in my mind that they had xdit. >> got to point out that they had no restaurants with pest violations but other ones were one time that were able to clean up and move on.çó
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check out what malls had the citations on abc news if you scroll down you will get some facts and get specific on the web. you will find all of that on abc news >> no doubt. okay. coming up in a minute two recalls that every mom needs to know about. >> yes. and the appliance that's on the important recall list. tonight brook opens up about a scary diagnosis. we're back in just 60 second. go ahead and time us.
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the postable service says that december 17th is the busy  day of the year. don't wait to get o the post office to get started. you can do many of things on line. your child's morning milk maybe different tomorrow. >> yes, they are recalling the necessary quick powder. the recall is for three different mixes. it was produced last month. the products have an exper ration of ñibest before october 24, of 2014. you can can tact their customer service if you have any questions. also check out your stove. there's a recall for more than 160,000 ranges. the temperatures on the burner can rise and not turn off properly even if you çóturn the
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dial off. they cost between 800 and $2,000. for this and a home repair that's free, you can call lg at (855)400-4638. all right. let's take a look at health news tonight. there's now 23 cases of meningitis here tonight all to attainted ñrpatch of steroid injections. health officials say that you need to look out for five and head ache. okay. if you're sending your kid to college part the university maryland came in at number 28 on trojans annual health report card. they were judged on how well they did things like hiv testing and the hours. they have some work to do to
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get to the top four. well, tonight it was a halloween celebration for a special group of kids. gathered for a delayed but sec tack already party in addition to the costumes and treats they hosted the event for the children and families to get a break away from the hospital and treatments. >> we're all here and it's the first time here. it's very very xdnice. >> now, they have these collection parties as they do stuff for the kids and to make sure that the families have a strong support. tonight we have learned that brook has been diagnosed
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with thyroid cancer. she said that they discovered it and later realized that it was cancer. >> which means çóthat i am goin to have a nice big scar right here on my neck and i will get to walk around and pretent like nothing happened or not share it. it's going to be dead center. >> she says that her doctors assure her that she will be okay. we want to give you a chance to send her well t(wishe to brook. you can leave them on the facebook page. just look for the hot topic post. now, maryland's most act rate forcast. okay. a look at what's left of the norrester it was a storm and now across the state the skies i
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are clear. tonight it's a clear sky over head. not bad at all. it's 44 degrees and about the litest that they have been all time and at times the windy conditions were the story. we were time lapse them through the day. it's a pretty good chop and i tell you what. it would have ubeen a wild day to do the sailing. that wind just whipped the area. 36 in baltimore and we gusted to 35 in the island today and it was 33 in norris as a rule and you get the idea. the winds are quieting down nicely out there. 54 was the ñrhigh today. sun set at 4:58 today. still a little fall is left and the sky from the viewers area
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and of course this one i get to take today. that's what we're going to have through the weekend into the big football game on sunday. kick off forecast as 62. we could be up in xdthe upper 60s. we have not hay home game in a while. looks like very little wind too. a few gusts of 15 and winds will go through the day and skies are clear tonight and generally a good thing. sun glasses is a great idea as you go out to door for work qor school or where ever travels take you. things are look good. so for the veterans day plans if you're going to per raid around town, you're looking
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good for that. be ready to peal it off and then the heat really begins to make a move into the atlantic as we ugo into the day on saturday. you start the feel the 60s but the snow is coming down spinning off cape cod and some getting some snow. tonight down to 30 and clear jf ask cold. 55 tomorrow and mostly sunny day and trending and warmer. we like this. here is the weekend set up. temperatures pushing 70 and again that weekend forecast just an outstanding one. i want to make sure that you just check out the weather here and on line with the abc for the droid or w3iphone. you can check out maryland's
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most interactive radar. more news coming up next including a girl that boys need to look out for. yes, but first is bill. coming up he spent nearly 40 years behind bars and today he was set free. the story of a decade long ñr fight for justice. then the sexiest man alive. that's all coming up after abc news 2 at 11:00. if you're traveling you want to avoid the barclay area from pen station to 21st street. many other roads are still affected. now, since this break is so large, it's going okto take a while to fix. you will want to stick with 82 until the repairs are complete. i will be tracking the delays of your commute tomorrow
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beginning at 4:30. ♪
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we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i think that we have a player for you. sam gordon. he rushed for 2,000 yards and 35 touchdown and 'csam also ha 65 tang tackles and this 9 year old and sam also goes by samantha. she is kicking the tails of boys bigger and stronger. >> you go sam. >> go sam go.
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>> 18 years from now she is going to have everybody cracking up in line how she get here and say ñrthat i was an early voter and my mom and dad could not make it to the hospital so they invited some nice men and woman over to deliver me. my mom said that i beat the opening of the poles and got i hecked as the cutest election baby. >> we turned around and asked if we wanted the cut é@to cord and he was like shocked, so he did it and then we took the baby from brittney and started to dry her off. by that time the rest to have crew got there and took the baby and we focused on mom. >> i was just worried about baby and wanted to know that she was okay. i knew that once they got there they would be able to take care of it much better çóthan we could. >> mom looks great.
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she got kisses and high fives. >> 20/30. >> that's right. >> absolutely. >> everybody out there was like yea. >> i have never heard that one. >> qyeah. hey quick check here hour by hour through the day tomorrow. sunny after a frosty start and we like that. if you like that you will love this, temperatures into the saturday and sunday and flirting with 70s for the veterans day.
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okay. get outside and have a good time. >> yeah. >> enjoy that. >> okay. thanks for joining us. we will see you tomorrow. have a good night.
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